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Private Soccer Training in Boston

At TXS, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their full potential and become a better soccer player. To do so, we have engineered a fun but intense training environment, providing specialized training options to suit players' abilities.

During the first session, coaches will assess each player and create a specific training plan based on player needs and goals. Our training program focuses on:


  • First touch, ball mastery, passing and receiving, aerial control and heading

  • Finishing technique and scenarios

  • 1v1 and 2v2 attacking and defending

  • Positional training (defenders, midfielders, wingers, forwards)

  • Soccer specific fitness training:  balance, speed & agility, strength and cardio

  • Goalkeeping training



 1-On-1 Training – 1h session 

1 session: $85
5 session:  $400


 Small Group Training – 1h session 

2 players: $60 x player
3-4 players: $40 x player


 Goalkeeper Training – 1h session 

1 session: $90
5 session:  $425


 Soccer Specific Fitness   Training – 45 min 

1 player: $75 x  player
2-3players: $50 x player
4+ players: $35 x player

Packages available on requests

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